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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an auto title loan?

A loan based on the equity on your free and clear vehicle.

How do I get a title loan?
  1. Apply online or in person at one of our four convenient Valley locations.
  2. Once your loan is approved, you receive the funds and leave with your car.
  3. When the loan is paid off, we immediately release your title.
What do I need to get a title loan?
  1. A free and clear title
  2. Proof of address
  3. Proof of income
Do I have to have a job to get a car title loan?

No, any proof of income qualifies.

How long does it take to get an auto title loan?

In as little as 20 minutes! Our average loan is funded within 30 minutes OR less.

When will I get my title back?

As soon as same day, depending on the repayment method.

How do I make payments?

You choose your payment date and payments are due every 30 days. After you get your loan, you never have to come into the store to make payments. We accept Visa debit cards. You can pay by clicking our Submit Payment button from any page on our website. We also allow you to pay Cash at any Wells Fargo nationwide. If you prefer, you can make payments in the office with a Cashier’s Check Only.

Is there an application fee?

Unlike other lenders, we do not charge an application fee. Many companies charge an application fee which increases your annual percentage rate.

Do I get to keep my vehicle?


Does my car have to be paid off?

In Arizona we can lend on vehicles even if you are still making payments. W-2 income is required for this type of loan.

What if I have bad credit?

Many lenders not only check credit but also report to credit bureaus. Do you want a title loan on your credit report for years and years?  Of course not!  We do not check credit or report to bureaus to approve your loan.

Can I get a title loan if I am on fixed income?


Can I get a title loan if I am self-employed?

We specialize in lending to business owners.

How much money can I borrow?

We live up to our name by lending more than any other company. We loan up to $100,000 depending on the collateral and your ability to repay.

How do I select a due date of my choice?

We offer custom due dates that allow you to pay when you get paid.  Other title lenders tell you when to pay, we allow you to tell us when you want to pay so you are never past due. Ask a representative for more details.

No Credit Checks, No Insurance Required!

We Make Getting A Title Loan Easy, Not Sleazy.

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