Are You a Compulsive Shopper?

Do you often notice that your monthly income falls short of what is required to cover the cost of your bills? Perhaps you have built a large collection of things you enjoy but never use. Are you buried in credit debt from buying things you don’t truly need that you don’t know how to begin paying back? If your answer is yes, there is a good chance that you are a compulsive shopper.

A compulsive shopper is a person who falls into the habit of buying things they don’t need on impulse for the simple thrill of buying something new. Many people have heard the term “retail therapy” which is a common activity that many compulsive shoppers participate in to feel better about other issues in their life. An example would be when someone goes shopping with a specific item in mind but buys many other things they don’t need. Compulsive shoppers will often feel happy when they are spending money but feel terrible and guilty about their spending shortly after.

Tips for a Compulsive Shopper:

  • Make a list of the things you need before you shop and bring your spouse or a responsible friend to make sure you stick to your list. You will be less likely to spend compulsively when you have someone with you to talk you out of impulse buys.
  • Do your best to avoid going shopping when you are too excited or feel depressed.
  • Join a local support group for compulsive shoppers.
  • Seek guidance and treatment from a professional therapist to help break your compulsive spending habit, and receive treatment for any underlying conditions that may be fueling your bad spending sprees.

It is never too late to seek support and treatment for compulsive spending habits. Talk to your friends and family about your issues, and they will be able to help you take the steps to overcome your shopping addiction.