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Archive for March 2014

3 Tips to Pay Off Bills

We all have them. They are the daily reminders that we live responsible lives that require a stable income. Bills are never fun, but keeping them in order is very important. Letting your financial situation get out of hand can quickly lead to mounting debt, collections, and even bankruptcy. None of these results are any…

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Money Management

Money management is a skill few people know how to master. For most of us, making ends meet is hard enough. Knowing how to properly manage your income is one of the most effective ways of getting out of debt and getting on track to financial freedom. It does not come easy and will require…

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Master the Art of Saving Money

It certainly is a good thing to get smart with your money. It is an easy choice to spend and spend with abandon. But saving is almost like a diet, hard to follow, but one that will reap results. However, if you make up your mind saving certainly gets easier. Saving money becomes quite easy…

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Build Your Credit: Why and How?

Having good credit is no longer optional; anymore having a negative profile with the bureaus can cost you employment, as many companies include these screenings in their background checks. Aside from the occupational standpoint, you can also expect to get turned down for loans (personal, auto, home). Even if you do get approved, be prepared…

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Debt Consolidation Loans: Pros and Cons

Life leaves you with many situations – pleasant or unpleasant. With that said the need for money surfaces in different situations. One may have various backups, but they may not be enough to fulfill your needs, although you may already be deep in debt to settle matters. According to some people, debt consolidation loans help…

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